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EYS - Ginkgo Biloba Extract -EOCGB 6x70gm
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Product SKU EYS - Ginkgo Biloba Extract -EOCGB 6x70gm
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Essence of Chicken with Ginkgo Biloba


Essence of Chicken with Ginkgo Biloba is formulated from quality chicken and nourishing Ginkgo Biloba Extract. It is rich in protein and amino acids. Ginkgo Biloba is believed to be one of the medicinal herbs known to slow down the loss of memory and social skills. It also helps neutralise free radicals associated with deterioration and aging of the brain and can possibly help to sharpen the thinking skills. Whether you are preparing for that important meeting or studying for your examinations, Essence of Chicken has been a popular choice consumed by generations to improve alertness and mental concentration.


The product is suitable for:

  • All ages and at all times
  • Seniors who need to improve memory
  • Individuals involved in mentally demanding tasks
  • Students during study periods
  • Office workers who are stressed, over-worked or lack sufficient sleep


Product details:

  • Weight: 70gm
  • Ingredient: Essence of Chicken, Ginkgo Biloba Extract


How To Use:

  • Adults - 1 bottle each time
  • Children 4 to 12 years - 1/2 bottle each time